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Take Advantage of our Professional ETL as a Service

Your data, delivered your way. No matter how complex, our data integration expertise guarantees accurate data in exactly the format you need.

Driven by passion!

Any Integration

Wherever your data might be stored, in whatever format and from whichever data source, we will access it. Skip the daunting task of data preparation to set up complex ETL processes: our ETL as a service brings all the information your organization is using together, and you don’t need to do anything.

End-to-End Security

All of the information contained in your data sources will be stored in our high-speed and secure data warehouse that is protected 24/7 by electronic access control, video surveillance and alarm systems. We are committed to protect our customers’ most sensitive data at all costs.

Managed Schema Changes

Whenever a change occurs in your data, our ETL as a service automatically handles it for you to ensure you never miss an important event. You don’t need to do anything: we can re-structure the underlying data schema for optimization purposes. That way, there are no limits to all the dashboard features we offer.

Mapping Made Easy

With our ETL as a Service, we convert your data of any type and from any source just the way you want it to be. Our Software figures out automatically the schema and enables automatic mapping of integrations. However, if you prefer to have full control over it, we can customize your mapping for you.

Our Capabilities

We’re passionate about delivering innovative solutions to fit your needs.










Informatica IICS

Informatica IICS

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