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Cloud Data Warehouse: The Essence

A cloud data warehouse uses the space and compute power allocated by a cloud provider to integrate and store data from disparate data sources for analytical querying and reporting.

Cloud Data Warehouse Key Features

Data integration and management

• Data integration with ETL/ELT processes.
• Flexible SQL querying of data.
• Ingestion of all data types (structured, semi-structured, unstructured).
• Big data ingestion.
• Streaming data ingeston.
• Full and incremental data extraction/load.
• Data transformation of varying complexity (data type conversion, summarization, etc.).

Data storage

• Subject-oriented data storage.
• Storage of time-variant (from the historical point of view) data.
• Read-only data storage.
• Integrated data storage (data is consolidated from disparate data sources).
• Metadata storage.
• Optimized data storage (columnar data storage, data compression, etc.).

Data warehouse database performance

• Elastic on-demand scaling of storage and compute resources.
• Massively parallel processing database.
• Materialized view support (reusing pre-computed results of analytical queries).
• Result caching.
• Performance and concurrency dynamic management (predicting and prioritizing queries with ML).
• Fault tolerance.

Data warehouse database management

• Automated infrastructure provisioning.
• Automatic data backup.
• Pre-built data source integrations.

Security and compliance

• Data encryption.
• Granular access control.
• User authentication and authorization for data access.
• Compliance with national, regional, and industry-specific regulations

Cloud Data Warehouse Key Features

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